Jeffrey Frith’s relationship with his father

Jeffrey Frith: My father was like a brother to me. It was a joyful time. We played sport together, we played squash together, we did golf together, we swam together, holidayed together, with my sister and mother on a lot of these occasions. But really it was…he had that brotherly…he was interested in what I was doing, I was interested in what he was doing. And that interest, he was ninety-three when he died, never flagged. And it’s my pleasure really to be able to donate works to major institutions in Canberra who are the correct repositories for a lot of the cartoons we managed to save from the old days, from the sixties. I suppose the lasting impression that I have of Dad is that he was a jokester. Now, as you know, funny men always have a ‘dark side’, so what Mum thought of him, I don’t know!