The Best Of

John Frith was a prolific artist who published hundreds of cartoons in a number of different newspapers and magazines. In 2001, Old Parliament House held an exhibition of Frith’s work entitled A Brush with Politics.

Some of the cartoons exhibited at that time have remained popular with the public and researchers. Though they are not held in the museum’s collection, we have reproduced them here by kind permission of the Frith family and the National Library of Australia.

If you’d like to reproduce any of the cartoons on this page please contact the National Library of Australia.

Scullin tries his strength
Lord give us strength…
Shifting apron strings
Money, my foot…’
Thumbs Down—and Up
Party unity?
World looks blue
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
A Bit of a Nudge
Holt calling
From the rich man’s table
Testing the Temperature
For the Senate Stakes
The End of the Joust
Falling for the uniform