Frith’s favourite subjects

Interviewer: Mr. Frith, who are your favourite subjects?

John Frith: My favourite subjects are all politicians. All politicians. But if we come to individuals, I feel that Evatt and Menzies and Calwell really represent a classic trio.

Interviewer: Have you met them?

John Frith: Well I’ve met Mr. Menzies, and I’ve met Mr…Dr. Evatt. Mr. Calwell won’t meet me, I don’t know why.

Interviewer: What’s been their reaction?

John Frith: Well, very favourable. Very favourable. Inasmuch as Mr. Menzies, he has quite a number of my cartoons. Dr. Evatt has quite a number of my cartoons. What Mr. Calwell does with them, I don’t know!